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I came across this blog today while I was searching for Opensim resources. I think it makes complete sense. Would I pay for content that I really love? Yes, I do it all the time on the legacy grid. Heck, I have even paid a little more to have items (textures, templates, sculpts, etc.) specially licensed so that I could bring them with me to other virtual worlds. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if creators were able to be rid of the fear they possess that keeps them from sharing their creations with other Opensim grids? I think so.
Anyways… read on and enjoy this post by John “Pathfinder” Lester.

Be Cunning and Full of Tricks

Opensim is a compelling platform for virtual world development.  And some new technologies have recently popped up that could potentially make Opensim even more compelling.

Tipodean has launched a preview of their web-based viewer.  And Kitely just opened its doors for people to create on-demand Opensim installations.

Opensim continues to grow, bringing both new opportunities and new challenges.

Content Creators and Opensim – Here There Be Dragons

Opensim poses a very real challenge for content creators who are used to selling and distributing their products in Second Life.  The permissions system in Second Life offers a reasonably decent DRM solution, allowing content creators to specify exactly how their products can or cannot be shared among other people within Second Life itself.  And Linden Lab responds to DMCA takedown notices to deal with illegally copied content that slips through the cracks.

But in Opensim?  Here there be dragons.  Permissions systems can…

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