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What Craziness Did Ensue this Week? Building!

Well to be honest, I was kind of a hermit this past week. I spent a lot of time building and becoming accustomed to creating without all of the luxuries I had grown fond of on the legacy grid. That might sound like a negative to all of you SL folks, but to me, it was a chance to see what I was made of!

Who Needs Fancy Schmancy Building Tools?

I have always been told that you don’t really need all of those fancy building tools if you use the grid and the numbers to build. When done properly, everything fits together just like a perfect little puzzle. Imagine my surprise when I found out that it actually works! Another little shining moment was when I was told that in OSg, and I imagine all Open Sim universes, I can link my whole build, all 900 and some odd prims, into one – yes one – object! I about flipped my lid and had to wipe off my foggy glasses from all the heavy breathing!

Building in OSGrid

Building in OSGrid

Prim Heaven

If that weren’t enough, I have been experiencing how it feels to actually have more land than I know what to do with! I feel positively gluttonous, with more prims than my sweet little brain can fathom. A friend of mine has graciously allowed me to borrow a few regions that are hosted on her computer. They run amazingly and if you have visited Orange Blossom Estates to pick up the yellow house, you have been on one of them! I have also agreed to be the guinea kitten (his version of guinea pig, because he doesn’t like calling his friends pigs) for Key Gruin who has just started Keyland, a region hosting platform in OSg, with crazy cheap rates. 30k prims, for 35.00/month. Yeah that’s right, I said it… cheap! Pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off and pay attention here. Most sim hosting companies on OSg have rates as reasonable as that. It’s great for those who want more bang for their buck, and don’t want the hassle or the potential problems of hosting your own region on your computer.

I have just begun to explore the goodies that Open Sim grids have in store and I’m really not covering any new ground here. I’m sure you all have heard this drivel before from loads of other bloggers, but that’s ok. I’m going to keep writing my own special brand of virtual babble anyway. I hope you all stick around for the ride! 😉



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