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A Free Dream Home in OSgrid by MinaMina Bo Beana Homes

So, you saw the beginnings of my first large build ever in one of my blog posts last week. I have finally thrown in the towel and decided to declare it finished and ready for the taking! The home is called Linda’s Dream Home, because it was created for my friend Linda Kellie. It’s a lovely ranch with a nice open floor plan for the living room and kitchen. It has 3 bedrooms and one large bath. The outdoor area is large enough to host one hell of a BBQ, that’s for sure! It also boasts a large garage for all of your car collectors out there.

MMBB Linda's Dream Home

Visit MinaMina Bo Beana Homes on Orange Blossom Estates in OSgrid!

The model home is furnished by some of OSg’s finest designers, Linda Kellie and Toy McBride. Linda’s items are free to copy (and I also boxed them up and put them in the sign in the front yard along with the house if you just want the whole kit and caboodle). The bedroom set from Toy I retextured so that it matched the bedroom, and you can pick up her items on the Littlefield regions. Some of the gardening and landscaping items are included, but most you will need to furnish yourself.

I am not going to babble on here (as I’ve already received the nickname “Babbling Brook” from one of my new OSg friends :P) but please stop by and pick up a copy of the house, and if I’m around don’t forget to say hi!!




4 comments on “A Free Dream Home in OSgrid by MinaMina Bo Beana Homes

  1. Mera
    March 3, 2012

    Ohhh it looks amazing!! What a dream… ❤

    • metaversemina
      March 4, 2012

      Awww I’m so glad you like it. Did you come by yet Mera?

      • Mera
        March 4, 2012

        No I wait til we are online atm so we can meet =)

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