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Super Fun Things in a Super Fun Place

What fun things did I do on OSgrid this past week?

Each week I am going to try to share some of the fun experiences I had on OSgrid. It’s not a promise, it’s more like “in a perfect world I will” kinda thing. I will do my best, but I am inherently imperfect and kind of flighty so we’ll see how it goes. LOL! Now, on to this week’s fun!


Linda and I attended the weekly speedbuilding event held on the OSG recreation sim, and observed rather than participated. What a good time! Builders and spectators alike were thoroughly enjoying themselves, socializing, joking around, cheering and encouraging the builders. The theme was “Something Geeky!” Here are some photos of the goodies they made. P.S. I couldn’t remember who all made what, so if you know please leave a comment and I will properly label their creation! Thanks!

OSgrid Speedbuilding Event

by Dan Banner

OSgrid Speedbuilding Event

OSgrid Speedbuilding Event

by Eryn Galen

OSgrid Speedbuilding Event

OSgrid Speedbuilding Event

OSgrid Speedbuilding Event

Fu Barr’s Building Master Class

Sunday afternoon was spent attending a free building class, graciously given by Fu Barr. If you don’t know Fu, he is some kind of prim bending genius. I get the feeling he just sees things differently and that enables him to create incredible shapes and builds out of regular, everyday prims, rather than relying on sculpts. Class time was spent learning how to use the shift+drag rotate technique to create and incredibly beautiful gazebo. Fu was also kind enough to take an extra 20 minutes at the end of the class to show a few of us how to create a roof that doesn’t look as chunky, or have the funky texture issues that using taper can cause. I will definitely be implementing my new skills in my next build. Thank you Fu!

Fu's Building Master Class


Have you ever played Pictionary?? I used to love that game when I was a kid, it’s pure silly, creative fun! Now imagine that game, using prims instead of a pen and a pencil. That, my friends, is Primwords. Every Sunday evening at the recreation region one of the OSgrid Admins hosts a game, and let me tell you… I was in stitches. Even though I didn’t participate this week because I had to head out early, I enjoyed myself none-the-less. There is a comfortable camaraderie in this group that just gives the soul a great big does of “happy!”

What’s in store for this week? I dunno! That’s the beauty of virtual worlds, anything can happen.


4 comments on “Super Fun Things in a Super Fun Place

  1. Linda Kellie
    February 28, 2012

    The Cubicle Bed was made by Vanish. And can even be downloaded <—— there.
    The pocket case of marker pens were made by Greybeard Thinker.
    The computer desk was made by Mystic Moonlight.
    The Nerdy Laser Pen was made by Timber Wolfe.
    Also there was a doghouse made by Tamochi Sakwra (not shown)

    It was a fun week in OSGrid. I just love the games and classes there. Great group of people and they welcome everyone.

  2. enerhax
    February 28, 2012

    awesome speed builds, do you know what the time limit was? i really like the pocket protector =)

    • metaversemina
      February 28, 2012

      It was an hour I believe. Everything had to be yours and made in that time limit, textures, sculpts, everything. 🙂 I loved the pocket too, but especially the nerdy glasses! She gave me a pair to wear. *points to my photo*

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